Why do some people prefer screened in porches over decks?

Bugs! Stink bugs, flies, hornets, wasps, yellow jackets, mosquitoes – these stinging and flying insects native to Georgia  force you to arm yourself with bug spray, flyswatters, and citronella candles when you are trying to  enjoy  your luxurious outdoor living space.

What if you didn’t need all those supplies? What if you could enjoy the fresh air without having to worry about what’s buzzing around your head?

A screen porch for your Georgia home is the answer.

If you’re irritated by outside pests, you probably don’t use your deck as often as you’d like. Making the decision to add screens and roofing to your deck expands your living space tremendously and increases your range of outdoor activities. Work, read, or play with your kids without worrying about bug bites. Plan a cookout with family and friends and actually eat outside without having to swat away bothersome bugs. Socialize during the day or night shielded from pests. Not to mention, with lighting and ceiling fans in your screen porch you can be even more comfortable outdoors than you ever thought possible.