With spring in full bloom and summer just around the corner, many of us are looking for ways to maximize time spent outdoors with family and friends. One way to do just that is by enhancing your outdoor space so you can spend even more time there. The deck is the perfect place to make a few changes that can have a big impact. Here are seven ideas to help you enjoy the summer even more. 

1. Enhance privacy 

A gorgeous way to give more privacy is planting a row of evergreens between you and your neighbors. Place them in beautiful containers for a classic look. 

2. Provide comfort 

Outdoor furniture should be as comfortable as your indoor furniture. Add large, overstuffed pillows for both a design boost and a comfort creator. 

3. Use water 

Make your deck a place of tranquility with the sound of water. A water feature, such as a fountain powered by a recirculating pump, provides a soundtrack for relaxation.

4. Expand space 

Take advantage of the area under your deck – if you can – to double your space for enjoyment. 

5. Plant a garden 

Even if you have an in-ground garden already, planting a container garden on your deck brings the garden right into your living space. Combine interesting colors and textures for a designer look. Put your pot on a rolling stand to make it portable. 

6. Add a rug 

Utilize the deck itself to make a more beautiful space that is also comfortable under-foot. You can use the rug to separate sitting areas from eating areas, too. 

7. Install lighting 

Hang inexpensive globe lights on your deck’s railing to give a warm glow to your deck at night. These lights are perfect for parties as well as more intimate gatherings. 

With just a few updates, your deck can be a place of fun and relaxation all season long. Use one or more of these ideas to make summer last with a beautiful deck.