When you ask yourself, “What would my dream home look like?” does the answer start like this: “If I had a million dollars…?”
Believe it or not, you can get the home of your dreams for much, much less money than you think. You just need a bit of creativity and some great tips, and you can stretch your design budget a long way.
Here are three ways to design the home of your dreams on the budget you have now:


1. Enlist the Help of Family and Friends


For small tasks, why not get by with a little help from your friends and family? Painting, assembling furniture, and other similar projects can be tedious. However, calling in a few favors can have those tasks knocked out in no time. Throw a home decorating party: you supply the food and music, and your loved ones supply their hard work.


2. Watch for Sales and Special Offers


Try to be patient when looking for that perfect piece of furniture or artwork. To save money, you’ll not only want to search for a great item, but you’ll also want to search for a great price. Ask store and department managers for inside information on whether an item will be discounted anytime soon. You may even get lucky and get an offer before the sale.


3. Mix it Up a Bit


You may be tempted to buy the entire set of furniture in a collection, but this route can be expensive. Instead, try mixing furniture – a sofa in a stripe and a chair in a floral pattern, for example. You can do this with furnishings, too. Use pillows in complementary patterns and colors on your bed for an eclectic and interesting look.


As you can see, saving money while designing and decorating your home is possible. Keep reading our blog, as we will continue to provide information on saving money and creating a beautiful home.