5 Projects to Give Your New House an Old-House Vibe

If your newer home doesn’t have the architectural elements of its older counterparts, including carved bannisters, ceiling medallions, and Wainscot details, don’t worry. With some dreaming, planning, and help from Castlehaven Construction, you can add these elements to give your home more charm. Ceiling with Coffer This look was first used during the Renaissance to [...]

3 Easy Solutions for Drafty Windows

Did you know that approximately 10 to 25 percent of your home’s heat escapes through the windows? The best method for correcting this problem is to reglaze – or even replace – your windows. However, both time and budget can be prohibitive. Instead, why not try weatherstripping and then applying one of these temporary solutions [...]

15 Ways to Decorate Your Front Porch for Fall

Let’s face it: Fall is a beautiful season, perhaps the most beautiful of all. From the changing leaves to the fields of brightly colored pumpkins, Fall is the perfect time to get creative with decorating. Your porch is primed for Fall decorations. It’s the first place you see when you get home, and neighbors can [...]

How to Clean AZEK Decks

AZEK Porch and Deck Boards provide the perfect space for entertaining and enjoying quality time with the family. You need only clean them periodically to maintain their comfortable surface and the beauty of their wood-grain texture.   AZEK’s cellular PVC structure resists stains, including wet leaves, wine, even ketchup. You don't have to worry about [...]

How to Hang a Flat-Screen TV

You want to hang your flat-screen TV on the wall without any wires showing, but how can you do this while achieving a professional result? The first step is to buy a wall mount rated to hold your TV, so you'll need to know your set's weight and screen size. Then choose a mount type. [...]

4 Door Locks to Make Your Home Smarter

Your home can never be too secure. Almost everything you love and value lies within. But keeping track of, and fumbling for, keys can be frustrating. If you've never known life without keys, well, it's a wonderful thing. Indeed, these four smart-home door locks are all about convenience 1. August Smart Lock Mode of entry: [...]

How to Prepare Your Guest Bathroom for the Holidays

With a few thoughtful touches and a little creativity, you can transform your bath into an oasis so inviting, your guests may never want to leave. Create a Festive Powder Room If you're expecting holiday guests, welcome them warmly into your home by getting every room into the spirit of the season…even the bath! A [...]

Double Your Storage Space With Simple Creativity

One of the most common complaints we hear from our clients is lack of storage space. What they don’t realize is that even owners of the smallest homes can Double Your Storage Space with some simple but creative modifications. Here are some ideas: Kitchen Appliance garages--special cabinets with roll-down doors--can hide items like toasters, mixers, [...]

How to Work With Your Contractor

Are you planning to remodel your home?  If the answer is yes, here are some tips on how to establish and maintain a good working relationshop with your remodeling contractor. Of course you believe you’re a reasonable, understanding person with whom anyone would be happy to work. However, if you’ve never been involved with remodeling [...]

How to Create Basements with Flair

Looking for space to put an exercise room, entertainment center, or playroom in a basement? Go underground! If your home has an unfinished basement, remodeling might be a great way to transform this commonly under-used space. When considering a basement remodel, start by making a floor plan. Be sure to mark the location of your [...]