3 Ways to Ensure a Smooth Contractor-Homeowner Relationship

Having a contractor and their crew spend days or weeks in your home can be a stressful experience. You need people you can trust, but you have to remain objective, too. You want to be welcoming while also staying out of the team's way. These three ground rules can help you navigate the contractor-homeowner relationship. [...]

Best Bathroom Paint Colors for Your Home

Choosing paint colors can be time consuming and stressful because you have tons of colors from which to choose. But, just like the other rooms in your home, your bathroom lends itself to certain colors. In this blog post, we'll look at a few colors that work well in the bathroom. Blue is a popular [...]

Gorgeous Renovation Before-And-After’s You’ll Love

Over the past year, we have had the pleasure of working with some amazing clients in some beautiful homes. We are sure these clients are loving their renovations as much as we enjoyed creating new spaces for them. We’ve transformed boring bathrooms into luxurious escapes. We’ve also transformed cramped kitchens into beautiful and functional household [...]

Ring in the New Year with a Gorgeous Home Makeover

Few things ring in the New Year like a beautiful home makeover. Giving your house a whole new look with a renovated kitchen, bath, living room or basement sets the stage for a year of enjoying family time and entertaining friends. If you have a dream for your home, Castlehaven Construction can turn it into [...]

How to Refinish Wood Floors in 6 Simple Steps

Sanding down to your floors’ bare wood takes time and money, but refinishing the floor is simpler and less pricey. You can have new-looking floors in just a few hours of work. Here are some steps to help you transform your hardwood floors: Clean up the floor Take the furniture out of the room, and [...]

Keep Your Living Room Organized With These Helpful Tips

Most families spend a significant amount of time in their living, or family, room. At the end of a workday or school day, where better to relax and enjoy time together?   However, all that togetherness can get quite messy. The following organizing tips can help you put the family back in family room in [...]

Find Extra Space with a Renovated Basement

Castlehaven provides unrivaled expertise in basement remodeling projects. Throughout the years, we have discovered many cost-effective ways to increase living space without expanding property area. We can help you take advantage of every available square foot and transform your unfinished basement into a comfortable hideaway, home theater, children’s playroom, gaming room, or a home office. [...]

Should You Renovate or Move?

For many homeowners who need more space, moving is not always the right answer. Once families establish close relationships with their neighbors and become part of the community, staying in their home and expanding it to fit their growing needs is often a more attractive prospect. Castlehaven can help you explore how to increase the [...]

Enjoy the Summer in a Beautiful Deck

Castlehaven Construction specializes in building decks, porches, and patios. We know that sound structure is KEY to quality outdoor living space – cutting corners to save money only provides savings that will cost later. Castlehaven wants you to love your outdoor space, feel safe using it, and enjoy its maximum life span. There are so [...]

5 Home Projects and the Best Time to Complete Them

Once you've completed one home renovation, are you already onto the next? Home ownership means always having another project to tackle and new ideas to try. To plan your year of home renovations, consider the following schedule. February: Painting interior walls Why not work on indoor projects while the weather is cold and dreary? That [...]