5 Projects to Give Your New House an Old-House Vibe

If your newer home doesn’t have the architectural elements of its older counterparts, including carved bannisters, ceiling medallions, and Wainscot details, don’t worry. With some dreaming, planning, and help from Castlehaven Construction, you can add these elements to give your home more charm. Ceiling with Coffer This look was first used during the Renaissance to [...]

3 Easy Solutions for Drafty Windows

Did you know that approximately 10 to 25 percent of your home’s heat escapes through the windows? The best method for correcting this problem is to reglaze – or even replace – your windows. However, both time and budget can be prohibitive. Instead, why not try weatherstripping and then applying one of these temporary solutions [...]

How Much Does It Cost to Remodel a Bathroom?

If you’re like practically everyone else, that is your top question when planning a bathroom remodel. Since there are so many factors going into the cost of upgrading your bathroom, the true answer is that it depends on a number of things. Materials and labor are a given, but here are some other factors that [...]

3 Ways to Save Money on Home Remodel Supplies

Do you want to save on your next home remodeling project? Sure, we all want to save when making purchases for our homes, such as appliances and refinishing supplies. Keep reading for thrifty ways to save on everything from plaster to dryers. Check out mom-and-pop shops Independent retailers have more control over pricing -- including [...]

15 Ways to Decorate Your Front Porch for Fall

Let’s face it: Fall is a beautiful season, perhaps the most beautiful of all. From the changing leaves to the fields of brightly colored pumpkins, Fall is the perfect time to get creative with decorating. Your porch is primed for Fall decorations. It’s the first place you see when you get home, and neighbors can [...]

Home Design: What to Do with an Empty Nest

It’s inevitable if you have kids: they grow up and move out of your home. After the glow of graduation, and once the kids have moved out the last of their things, you’re faced with empty space just begging to be transformed. How can you use an empty space in a way that suits your [...]

Your Guide to Throwing an End-of-Summer Deck Party

It’s hard to believe summer is already winding down – where did the time go? There’s still plenty of time to throw a warm weather bash that will help you savor the last bits of summer while ushering a whole new season. The best way to throw an end-of-summer party is on your deck. And [...]

The Benefits of Both Open and Closed Floor Plans

You've probably heard of open floor plans, but do you really know what they are? As the name suggests, an open floor plan is a layout containing at least a couple of large, open rooms in a single living space they function as separate, multiple rooms. Often, these layouts include a kitchen, dining room, and [...]

Create the Kitchen of Your Dreams with Castlehaven Construction

If you’re like most homeowners, the kitchen is the heart of your home. It is the hub for family activities as well as a place where guests gather. When you decide to renovate this important room of your home, Castlehaven can help you transform an out-of-date or too-small kitchen. We’ll create a space where you [...]

6 Classic Paint Colors That Keep Your Home in Style

Maybe you just completed a major home renovation. Or perhaps you are looking to refresh your home decorating scheme. Either way, color is sure to be a huge part of the equation. Paint in the home is like icing on a cake. It provides beauty, flair and personality. But choosing the right paint can be [...]