In the summer, your deck becomes you living room, as it is the preferred place to sit and enjoy the weather. It sometimes becomes the kitchen and dining rooms as well, thanks to barbecues and parties.

If you aren’t completely happy with your deck, it’s easy to make changes that will have a big impact. You can do some of them yourself, and others can be made starting with a call to Castlehaven Construction. Here are some ideas to get you started.Practical Seating

  • Practical Seating

Instead of railings, have benches built around the perimeter of your deck. Even better, make them storage benches. You will have plenty of space for guests, and you can store items such as lawn games and pool floats (if you have a pool!) inside the benches. Cover the bench tops with pretty cushions to make the space even better.

  • Covered Area

If you enjoy the outdoors but want to stay cool – and be protected from the sun’s rays – consider constructing a wooden pergola. Drape panels of outdoor fabric to allow for entertaining even when the weather isn’t cooperating.

  • Go Green

Whether you plant a bed of colorful flowers or a row of tidy evergreens, nothing makes a deck more inviting than plants. You can simply plant containers and place them strategically around the deck. Or, you can have custom-built wooden planters added that blend seamlessly with the deck and can be enjoyed for years to com.

  • Inside Out

Expand your living space to include your deck to enjoy even more family time and entertaining. Add an outdoor rug to throw on the deck, buy extra pillows, and add a chimenea or fire pit for ambiance. Now is also the time to consider upgrading the grill and adding a dining set so you can enjoy the deck all evening.

  • Build an Addition

Perhaps the ultimate deck upgrade is the addition of an attached gazebo. It provides a screened-in option to escape pesky summer insects. You will also gain seating when benches are built around the inside. Hang lights on the inside of the roof for the perfect party atmosphere.