Did you know that approximately 10 to 25 percent of your home’s heat escapes through the windows? The best method for correcting this problem is to re-glaze – or even replace – your windows. However, both time and budget can be prohibitive. Instead, why not try weatherstripping and then applying one of these temporary solutions to stop drafty windows? You’ll save time and money and still overcome the chill.
  1. Plastic Film
Inexpensive clear shrink wrap can help your home retain as much as 55 percent of its heat. You can apply it to windows with double-sided tape, and then seal it using the heat from a hair dryer. If you don’t have shrink wrap, you can also use bubble wrap; simply push the bubble side against the glass and fix with double-sided tape.
  1. Draft Snakes
Another solution is to make or buy draft “snakes.” This budget-friendly option keeps cold air from seeping through windowsills by blocking it. You can either purchase one online or make one yourself. Just fill a knee sock with dry rice and fit snugly against the sill.
  1. Rigid Foam
Finally, you can stop cold air in its tracks with a piece of foam. Use this solution on basement and attic windows you don’t need to see out of. Simply cover the panes with a piece of foam board and glue it to the drywall. Be sure to cut pieces that will fit snugly inside the frame – then, press the foam against the glass. You’ll be able to quickly pop them out after the cold season ends.