Let’s face it: Fall is a beautiful season, perhaps the most beautiful of all. From the changing leaves to the fields of brightly colored pumpkins, Fall is the perfect time to get creative with decorating.

Your porch is primed for Fall decorations. It’s the first place you see when you get home, and neighbors can enjoy seeing your decorated porch as well. Here are 15 ways to get creative and makeover your porch into a harvest-themed heaven.

1. Bring the country to your doorstep with cornstalks and bales of hay.
2. Go modern with a gray, beige and white color palette.
3. Toss a plaid throw over the side of porch furniture for a warm and cozy feel.
4. Create a unique pumpkin by painting it with chalkboard paint and writing a fun fall message on it.
5. Hang a rustic burlap wreath with your wooden monogram attached to the front.
6. Make a jewel-toned scene with purple and burnt orange mums and burgundy coleus.
7. Arrange a nature-inspired centerpiece on your outdoor coffee table using pumpkins, gourds and pine cones.
8. Drape a brightly colored leaf garland over the top of your doorway.
9. Use white and metallic gold for a chic and trendy look.
10. Tie a ribbon and bow around pumpkins instead of carving them.
11. Use an old wooden ladder to display fall-colored blankets and quilts (be sure to use ones you don’t mind leaving outside!)
12. Line your steps with pumpkins and gourds of various sizes, shapes and colors.
13. Plant a mum garden – these colorful, easy-to-care-for plants will help gardeners transition out of the summer season.
14. Paint pumpkins white; then, use black paint and stencils to paint your house number on them.
15. Repurpose a little red wagon filled with hay and pumpkins.