If you’ve put off home improvement projects until nice weather arrives, now is the time to tackle them. Summer isn’t just for cooking out and swimming – it’s also for sprucing up your home. Try one of these projects to get started:

1. Power wash walkways. Give your sidewalks and home exterior a deep clean, but be sure to follow the sprayer’s instructions to prevent damage. 

2. Stain decks and fences. Protect your wood outside from the elements, and give wood surfaces a facelift. 

3. Replace siding. Since outdoor work is best during the warmer months, choose to tackle this project during the summer. 

4. Add a ceiling fan. Simple and inexpensive, ceiling fans offer energy-efficient cooling in your home or on a porch. 

5. Drain the water heater. Clean sediment away for more efficient hot water. 

6. Remodel the kitchen. Summer is a great time for easy meals, so take on this huge project before the busy holidays are here. 

7. Design an outdoor kitchen. Better yet, take the cooking outside with a kitchen on the patio or deck.   

8. Complete inspections. Take care of those electrical and plumbing issues you’ve been putting off. 

9. Fix cracked concrete. Correct cracks and buckling in your walkways and driveway. 

10. Purchase new windows. New windows can cut your energy costs in both summer and winter.